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Embroidery Thread

We are proud to stock products from two of the world's best thread companies, Madeira and Coats American. For years, both companies have been known as market leaders.


We carry over 20 selections of quality backings from Hollingsworth & Vose. We also stock a line of MET Pro products. These quality products include tearaway, cutaway and specialty stabilizers for any application possibly needed in the embroidery business. A huge selection of die cut sizes is also available.


We are proud to stock a variety of finely crafted bobbin products, including traditional L size bobbins, larger M size bobbins, magnetic bobbins, and bobbin thread on a cone. Bobbins may be made of filament polyester, spun polyester, or cotton. We have, in stock, bobbins from Coats American, Fil Tec and our own MET Pro brand.


We offer quality embroidery needles from a variety of manufacturers specifically designed for commercial use. Industrial needles have a round shank and are compatible with any commercial embroidery machine. We also offer a small selection of needles with a flat shank that are designed for home embroidery machines.


The right pair of scissors or clips can make a difficult job easy. We offer a multitude of different styles and sizes.


The correct aerosols can help make a difficult job easy. The adhesives we offer are great for various embroidery appliqué work and they will not gum up needles. Our cleaning sprays remove oil and grease stains, ink and fresh paint; they are very effective for cleaning oily and greasy parts while servicing and repairing sewing equipment. Our lubricants help to reduce friction and speed cleanup and their regular use makes everything move easier.

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